Controlling Anger In A Turbulent Relationship - Part Ii by Ronnie Floyd

Message #4
I Samuel 18:6 - I Samuel 26
Scripture Reading: I Samuel 18:6-15
.May 9, 19-93
Dealing with anger is one of the greatest challenges
in walking with the Lord. Anger is an emotion that exists
in people of all ages. Anger is a problem from the
smallest child to the oldest person. Even though each
of us deal with anger we tend to express it in different
In the book, "When Anger Hits Home", the authors gives
a vivid illustration of how each of us express anger
through introducing to the reader four personalities:
1. Stella Straight Shooter
She expresses her anger at the source of
her irritation. Not only at the circumstances
or situation, but the actual person. This
kind of person may be loud or calm, but
they are angry quicker than others.
2. Dan Deflector
He expresses his anger in such a way that
those involved in causing the feeling don't
even know about the anger. He displaces
it toward others, rather than the actual
3. Karen Keeper
She holds in her anger until she is with people
whom she feels safe. Then she expresses
it. At times with crying seeking sympathy.
4. Randy Revenger
He likes to vent his anger by evening the
score. He doesn't get mad, he just gets
even. He waits for the opportunity of
revenge and then enjoys it.
In your family, each of these types of persons may
be present, each dealing with anger, but expressing
it differently.
In our story today, we see the relationship of Saul
and David become very turbulent, meaning disturbed
and disorderly. Saul dealt very poorly with his anger.
The anger of David was dealt with in a superb manner.
Our message today is entitled, "Controlling Anger
In A Turbulent Relationship." I want to address
this subject today by answering two very important
I. WHAT IS ANGER? (I Samuel 18:8 ...

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