Are There Any Lethal Weapons To Use On Satan? by Ronnie Floyd

"How To Overcome Satan's Attacks In Your Life"
Sermon #4
2 Corinthians 10:4
May 24, 1992
In the Persian Gulf War 47 Iraqi Scud Missiles were fired, the
American forces launched our own Patriot Missiles to intercept
these Iraqi Scud Missiles. The Patriot Missiles intercepted
or destroyed 45 out of 47 Iraqi Scud Missiles. As we watched
these events on video we were all amazed at the advancement
of warfare technology.
In your life, Satan, your enemy, constantly fires his scud
missiles at you, attempting to destroy you and all you stand
for as a Christian. His attempts of destruction on your life
can be unsuccessful if you launch your spiritual missiles to
destroy his. Your spiritual warfare equipment is 100%
destruction proof against the missiles of Satan upon your life.
This leads me to ask you this morning, "Are There Any
Lethal (Deadly, Fatal) Weapons to use on Satan?" Yes!
God has given you spiritual artillery that has the power
to destroy the scud missiles of Satan. These weapons are
100% proof to destroy the missiles of Satan under any
This morning's message will give to you your seven lethal
weapons to launch against the Satanic attack in your life.
You do not have to lose. You do not have to give up. Jesus
has given you these spiritual lethal weapons to destroy
the power of Satan's missiles in your life. What are these
seven lethal weapons?
I. THE WORD OF GOD. (Ephesisans 6:17)
In this passage that speaks of the armor of God that
we are to put on as believers each day, we learn that
the Word of God is the only offensive weapon in our
armor. When those scud missiles come from Satan
and from hell to destroy us, we must offensively and
aggressively fire the Word of God at these missiles
from Satan.
The model of using the Word of God when receiving
attacks was Jesus.
In Matthew 4:1-11, when Satan ...

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