How To Overcome Satan's Attacts In Your Life by Ronnie Floyd

A Sunday Morning Series On
"How To Overcome Satan's Attacks In Your Life"
Sermon #1
Ezekiel 28:12-17 and Isaiah 14:12-15
May 3, 1992
In June of 1989, LIFE MAGAZINE reported that two-thirds
of the American public believe the devil exists, and half of
those say that he directly affects their lives. In secular
Armerica, the worship of Satan- is on the rise. Tn 19089, AVON
BOOKS OF NEW YORK, reported that the Satanic Bible is
in its twenty-seventh printing and has sold over 600,000 copies.
They have identified the buyers as above average intelligence
and generally a loner.
The target group of Satanists are teenagers. Almost daily
you can read or hear of crimes that come as a result of
worshipping Satan. You hear of people drinking blood, people
who worship at altars hung with broken crosses, animal
sacrifices, serial killings, and even human sacrifice.
In 1986 it seemed Satanism became a little more known to
the general public when sixteen years old Sean Sellers fatally
shot his sleeping mother and stepfather in the head. One year
earlier he had killed a convenience store clerk just because
he "wanted to know what it's like to kill somebody." At age
fourteen he became interested in Satanism through becoming
hooked on a video game called, "Dungeons and Dragons." He
had a Satanic altar in his home and carried a Satanic bible
with his school books. He friends watched him drink blood,
but today they see him only from a distance from death row
in the Oklahoma State penitentiary where he claimed that
he killed "in homage to Satan." Stories like this are multiplied
by the hundreds all across America.
What is the church doing today about this rise of Satanic
worship? The Barna Research Center says that only 49% of
evangelicals in America believe that Satan is a living being.
The others see Satan as only a symbol of evil. The secular
world may be more keenly aware of Satan than the evan ...

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