Storming Hell's Gates - Part Iii by Ronnie Floyd

Sermon #3
Matthew 16:18-19 & Acts 20:28
August 23, 1992
When I was a boy growing up, my parents used to give me some great
advice. They taught me: Be careful who your friends are; you may
become like therm What my parents were saying is that case, I did
not influence my friends in a positive way, they would influence me
in a negative way. This is a great principle of leadership that serves
as an important definition.
I have searched in book after book for a definition of leadership.
However, the one definition I have come across that serves as the most
comprehensive, but yet simple definition is from J. Oswald Sanders
book on SPIRITUAL LEADERSHIP. It says, "Leadership is
influence." Anytime one expresses influence upon another, that is
The world is in great need of leadership. The government is in great
need of leadership. The church is in great need of leadership. I am
talking about the kind of leadership that is positive upon the lives of
In review, the church exists to bring the dead back to life. We exist
to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ, which is to take the
gospel of Christ into the whole world.
The Leadership Factor in the church is when the leadership of the
church influences the church to fulfill the Great Commission of
Jesus Christ with consistency and effectiveness.
In Matthew 16:19 Jesus said, "I will give to you." Jesus was saying
that He would give to His disciples, the leadership of the church, the
keys to the kingdom of heaven. Jesus had influenced them for three
years and now He expected His disciples to influence the next
T.S.: Tonight, I want to be very practical with you about
leadership in the church. I am going to review quickly some things
we all know and then share with you some things some of us possibly
have never thought about in regard to leadership. I want to talk
about the Pastor, the Sta ...

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