Storming Hells Gates - Part Ii by Ronnie Floyd

Sermon #2
Ephesians 2:1
August 16, 1992
INTRODUCTION: Pretense lies at the heart of dictatorship.
The strength of a dictator rests on illusion, and the ruler
will strive to maintain the illusion. Even if he has to lie,
he will lie in order to convince his people they have all
they need with him in control. Wars have been fought to res-
cue the victims from evil dictators. Weary of battle and
longing for freedom, many soldiers have waved the white cloth
of surrender.
Millions of people ararss the world have been deceived
by another dictator--Satan. He lies to people assuring them
their flesh is sufficient and that surrender to Christ is
unnecessary. These people are spiritually dead. In Eph-
esians 2:1, we learn that those who do not know Christ are
dead spiritually.
The purpose of our church is to bring the dead back to
life. This is our cause for battle. We need to search for
people who are waving mere white flags of surrender, ready
to exchange them for robes of white which is the righteous-
ness of Jesus Christ.
The church must be "forever focused." This means that
we concentrate all our efforts and ministries on those things
that are eternal: the Word of God and the souls of people.
All else will pass away. When the church focuses on the Word
of God and the souls of people, the church will fulfill its
purpose of bringing the spiritually dead to life.
T.S.: It is paramount that the church be "forever fo-
cused." Once a church establishes this focus, it must then
develop a definite plan for reaching those who are lost.
This plan must include three non-negotiable steps if it is to
be effective:
Exp: The purpose of the church is to fulfill the Great
Commission of Jesus Christ as found in Matthew 28:
18-20. This purpose is to bring the spiritually
dead to life. This priority is non-negotiable and
cannot be sacrificed. The Great Commi ...

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