Will You Offer To God What He Wants From You? by Ronnie Floyd

Sermon #5
Matthew 26:3646
January 31, 1993
He was 21. His wife was 20. Their baby was four months
old. They were leaving California to attend a funeral
service of their grandmother in the state of Idaho. A major
snow blizzard had forced the couple to change their route
and they moved to the far north of Nevada. There was
no sign of them from December 29 through January 6.
Stranded in a blizzard, temperatures ranged from a minus
four degrees to a high of forty-two degrees.
Knowing they would all die, the 21 year old man left his
wife and baby in a cave on January 2 attempting to get
help. On Wednesday, January 6, the man was found by
a highway crew stumbling his way down the road. He
immediately directed the authorities to his family. They
were found in the cave and the baby was yelling his head
off. The entire family survived the blizzard. Their twenty-
two hour trip had turned into nine days. What a story!
It illustrates to us our emphasis today on, "Whatever It
This afternoon the sports event of the year will take
place in Pasadena, California, when the Dallas Cowboys
and the Buffalo Bills clash in the 1993 Super Bowl. They
are playing to be World Champions. They are playing
for a ring and thousands of dollars of cash. The work,
the sweat, the test of endurance, and the spirit of
whatever it takes that they have had since last July
will determine the World Champion this afternoon.
Both of these illustrationjare great examples of survival
and the attitude of "whatever it takes." However, even
though each of them are powerful in their own way,
they both fade away when you look at the model person
of "whatever it takes," Jesus Christ.
In the moment of Jesus' greatest challenge we see
Him say and demonstrate the true meaning of
"whatever it takes." His whole life on this earth
demonstrated this spirit, but we see it climaxed here
in the ...

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