Will You Do Whatever It Takes To Win Northwest Arkansas To Christ? by Ronnie Floyd

Sermon #6
I Corinthians 9:19-23
February 7, 1993
if we are going to win Northwest Arkansas to Jesus Christ
we have some problems to overcome individually and
as a church. There are three of these problems that
I want to mention in introduction to our text today:
1. Spiritual Obesity.
2. Living only in our Christian Comfort Zone.
3. A judgmental spirit of those who do not follow
Christ and learn to accept them in love.
The mission purpose of our church is, "to glorify God
by people sharing Jesus with other people." This
statement covers it all from the evangelization of the
sinner to the development of the saved.
Here at First Baptist we carry out this mission statement
through the five priorities of our ministry. These
priorities are a strong prayer ministry, life-changing
Bible study, celebration worship, Christian education,
and Missions and media. We believe that the way to
let Christ build His church through us is week to week
ministries in these five areas.
Every 12 to 18 months our desire is to experience an
all-out evangelistic emphasis to really attack our mission
field of Northwest Arkansas. We do this through an
event called a crusade. We are aware that you cannot
build the church solely on a crusade event, however,
God can use mass evangelism efforts like a crusade to
be the icing on the cake of your weekly ministries as
well as focus tightly the vision of the church on winning
people to Christ.
Since we are about to embark on what I believe
will be the greatest evangelistic event in our history,
I want you to see the heart we need to have if we
are going to win Northwest Arkansas to Christ.
We learn about this heart from the Apostle Paul.
We understand that all of our weekly and daily
ministries as well as major events must focus on
winning Northwest Arkansas to Christ. Notice
with me in the text today ...

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