The Marks Of Leadership From The Life Of Nehemiah - Part Ii by Ronnie Floyd

Message #2
From the Life of Nehemiah
January 29, 1995
Last week we defined leadership as "influence." We
determined that every one of us have influence,
therefore, each one of us is or can be a leader. We
also determined that leadership can be developed.
We shared last week that the first three marks of
leadership that we learned from the life of Nehemiah
1. Burden
2. Vision
3. Tenacity
Our burden for the situation is our wake-up call. Our
vision will never be any greater than our burden. It
is also to be clear and extraordinary. We should also
be tenacious leaders. We should demonstrate tenacity
in vision, faith and through opposition.
This evening I want to add another three marks
of leadership from the life of Nehemiah that we
need to input into our lives. As leaders, we should
not only have a burden, a vision, and tenacity;
but, let's begin tonight by saying that if you are
going to be a leader you need to become a ...
I. FACILITATOR. (Chapter 3)
Nhat is a facilitator? A facilitator is someon
Wbo- 'nakes "the processr ;easier' by getting other
peoples jol-ecordia- :1tthtir ltft
- tator= ot--pe6ol
to you -in -depth -which group or person was
to be responsible for the various responsibilities
in rebuilding the wall around Jesusalem.
This is real leadership: Getting people involved
in the process of helping you reach your goal.
One of the dangerous tendencies in leadership:
For the leader to attempt to do everything
The result of the leader doing everything himself
is he puts a-hold on-the growth of the organization.
(Churches, businesses)
Two benefits of being a leader who is a facilitator:
1. Get other people involved in the task
This results into them buying into it.
2. Multiplies the life of the leader.
He multiplies himself through others.
* This is exactly what you find in the life
of others.

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