The Invitation To Life by Ronnie Floyd

John 7:37-53
March 2, 1992
Have you ever really wanted to go somewhere or do something
really special, but were not invited? Surely you have been
there, when a person says to you, "Did you know
was having a party . . . everyone is coming . . . Certainly
you have been invited . . . Are you going?" You then look
away and say, "Well, I have not been invited yet."
The feeling of rejection is painful. The feeling of not being
included can be very disappointing to each of us. However,
I want to talk to you about receiving an invitation where no
person is rejected or excluded from the invitation. The
invitation is to life. Real life. Supernatural life. Meaningful
The Biblical Setting:
It was the last day of the Feast of Booths. This was the
Feast where the people were thankful to God for the
harvest. The Jews had added a feature to this Feast.
Each of the first seven days of the Feast, in early morning,
the priests and people would join in procession, take a golden
pitcher to the pool of Siloam. They would fill the pitcher
and return to the Temple. They would pour the water at
the west side of the altar and the choir would burst into
great praise. Zechariah would tell us that this ritual was
to thank God for the previous rains and petition Him for
rain in the coming year.
It seemed that on the eighth and last dav this act was
Look with me to the Bible text today as we learn about
"The Invitation To Life."
It was on this last day of the feast when Jesus stood
and cried out which means He screamed out to the
crowd an invitation.
There are so many key words in His invitation. These
words are thirsty, come, drink, believes, living, and
What kind of invitation did Jesus offer?
1. It was an invitation to all persons.
2. It was an invitation to experience Go ...

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