Unlimited Forgiveness by Ronnie Floyd

John 8:1-11
March 15, 1992
Adultery is an acceptable sin in our day. Adultery is the act
of unfaithfulness in marriage when one of the marriage partners
voluntarily engages in sexual intercourse with a person of
the opposite sex other than the marriage partner. What is
accepted and called an affair in our day, is sin and called
adultery by God.
HEALTH MAGAZINE recently published an article entitled,
"Is Monogamy A Myth?" Monogamy is when a person is married
to only one person. The article states that up to half of the
men and one-third of the women are unfaithful in their
marriages. The article goes on to state that one-half of the
married population commits adultery. For men, they are
faithful an average of five years and for women, they are
faithful for four and one-half years. Monogamy may be a
myth to some people, but to God it is the way of life for
married persons.
What is the purpose of John 8:1-11? I believe in this passage
Jesus uses one of the grave sins of His and our day to illustrate
for us, "Unlimited Forgiveness."
The message for today is entitled, "Unlimited Forgiveness."
In our text, there are two main movements that you witness:
I. THE TRAGEDY OF SIN. (vs. 1-5)
The Feast of Booths was over and at dawn Jesus began
to teach them about the things of God. The Bible says
in verse 2 that all the people came to hear Him. They
were drawn uniquely to Him. In this setting, the people
see the tragedy of sin.
There are two facts about the tragedy of sin:
1. Sin is always exposed. (vs. 3-4)
* Her continuing character was that of an
You may think you can hide your sin, but God
always sees you sin and at times people see your
Adultery/Immorality desires to be exposed.
2. Sin is always condemned. (v. 5)
The purpose of the Law was to set the standard
of God's righte ...

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