The Cry For Freedom by Ronnie Floyd

John 8:31-36
April 5, 1992
Two weeks ago we asked some very young elementary students
in our Christian school to give to us their definitions of freedom
and bondage. I quote directly from the very pages of their
definitions. (First . . . bondage and second. . freedom)
We are living in a day when we are showered with cries for
freedom. In the last decade we have seen the lives of young
people seek freedom through drugs and alcohol. Many of these
have ended their goal for freedom through suicide. We have
seen the moral fiber of America, the family, be destroyed
through a false search for freedom resulting in broken homes
and broken lives. We have seen human sexuality twisted and
distorted through the rise of pornography, sexual abuse, and
the open acceptance of unnatural ways to fulfill human
sexuality. We have witnessed the greatest integrity crisis
that democracy and religion have ever experienced all because
of a confused view about the meaning of real freedom. One
big question mark is branded on the foreheads of most leaders
in government and religion all because of this integrity crisis.
The problem has come in each of these areas because what
some people think will set them free has enslaved them. Let
me illustrate this to you through a word picture: A young
person trying to escape their troubles through drugs and alcohol.
What that young person thought would set him free has now
enslaved him.
There is much confusion about real freedom. This morning
I want to preach from this passage on, "The Cry for
Freedom." In this passage there are two concepts shared
about what real freedom is in your life:
We learned last week that some people decided they
would not die in their sins. In verse 30 we see that
many believed in Jesus. The word means that they
placed all of their trust and reliance on Jesus being
the Son of God - ...

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