I Am The Door by Ronnie Floyd

John 10:1-10
March 14, 1993
Have you ever been outside of the office of someone that
is very important? As you enter the receptionist area, you
talk to her about her important boss. In fact, she says, "It
is through that door you get to him." You begin to back up
in fear of meeting this important person. You ask the
receptionist, "Does he really have time to see me? PU come
back another time." Her phone rings and it is him. She says,
"He is ready to see you. Just open the door. It will lead you
to him." So you open the door and there he is - this very
importarnt person.
What can we learn from this illustration? This illustration
is what our text is all about. If you desire to get into the
presence of God, the most important Person of all, you have
to go through Jesus . . He is the Door. In this passage, Jesus
announces the third great "I Am." He says, "I Am the Door."
This is our subject tonight from this text: "I Am the Door."
L. THE WORD PICTURE. (vs. 1-6)
Let me explain to you some of the imagery in this text.
"Shepherds and sheep" - were common expressions
in Jesus' day. In the Middle East, kings and priests
referred to themselves as shepherds and the ...

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