Will God Honor You? by Ronnie Floyd

John 12:12-26
Read Only John 12:2526
May 16, 1993
In 1 Corinthians 3:12-15, we read about the Judgment Seat
of Christ. God very clearly lays out the concept of rewards
on the day that Christians are judged before Him. In
commentary to- thext, Jesus speaks about the Father
honoring certain people on Judgment Day. Let me ask you
tonight, "Will God Honor You on Judgment Day?"
When we come to the table to talk about Christian things, we
sometimes come with our own ideas, especially about the
last days. We come with ideas about who we believe will be
honored and who we believe will not be honored.
Sometimes we totally miss the heart of Scripture about
subjects like these.
Therefore, from this text tonight I want to ask you, "Will
God Honor You?" There are two major movements in our
text. Let's begin with ...
(v. 12) On the day after Jesus was anointed with the
expensive perfume of Mary, the large crowds of
people who had come to Jerusalem for the PassOver
were gathered with great anticipation of Jesus'
coming into Jerusalem.
(v. 13) "branches of the palm trees" - was a triumphant
tribute to a victor or a king. As He came in, the
people loudly proclaimed, "Hosanna!". They
recognized Him as King of Israel.
(v. 14) 'donkey' - Was used as a symbol of a king bringing
peace. In contrast, kings would ride a horse when
pressing toward war and battle.
(v. 15) Jesus did this to fulfill the prophecy of Zechariah 9:9
which is quoted by John here. "daughter of Zion" -
symbolized Jerusalem and the concept was for the
Jews to not fear for their King was coming.
(v. 16) All of this was not understood by the Jews until after
Jesus was killed, raised from the dead, and glorified.
However, then it all came to reality.
(v. 17) Those who had seen Him raise Lazarus from the
dead were witnessing to others about Jesus being the
Son of God.
(v. 18) Many wanted t ...

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