Honoring Jesus by Ronnie Floyd

John 5:30-47
November 17, 1991
The world does an incredible job in honoring certain persons.
We have recently seen the world honoring General Norman
Schwarzkopf, the commanding hero of the Persian Gulf War.
We annually see the world honor certain persons in the movie
profession by the Academy Awards. We have even recently
seen the whole world honor a basketball star who now has
the AIDS virus.
The word honor means to give public esteem to. To honor
means to give glory or to have fame. You bring honor in one's
integrity. It means to place value on them as persons.
In John 5:41,44 there is a little Greek word in these verses
of Scripture. It is the word "doxa11. It is translated "glory'
in these verses, but it is also our word for honor. In John
5:1-30 Jesus was seen as the one who has authority to give
life and to judge. In the last seventeen verses He is being
honored by the testimony of four witnesses.
According to Deuteronomy 17:6 the Jewish people did not
accept the witness of one to bring credibility to a person
or situation, but a witness must come from at least two
or three persons in order to be believable.
In our Bible text today there are four witnesses that give
honor to Jesus being God and the Son of God. Jesus refers
to how these witnesses speaks of Him. This word witness
is used 47 times in the gospel of John. The four witnesses
that brought honor to Jesus are:
Verse 30
"I do not act independently of God, so you accuse me
and you accuse God."
Verse 31-32
More than one testimony needed.
Verse 33-34
Man doesn't bring me credibility, but God does.
Verse 35
"Lamp" - a little light.
"Rejoice for a while" - saw him as a celebrity, but
you did not receive His message of repentance.
John the Baptist's witness of Jesus is found in John
Have you honored Jesus in your life by ...

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