How To Attack Your Problems by Ronnie Floyd

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John 6:1-14
November 24, 1991
Do you have any problems in your life today? Each of us have
many problems we face daily in our lives. Some of our problems
are small and yet some of them appear to be big problems.
In fact, let's talk about one or just a few of your problems
for a moment.
In your bulletin today I have left a blank space for you to write
in one or more of your problems. Will you be honest and do
that now? Let me tell you about one of my problems I
continually have to deal with as a pastor. (Preparing four
different teaching or preaching messages each week to deliver
to the same congregation weekly - that's a big problem.)
One of the keys to dealing with your problems is how you
look at it. Perspective is everything. For example, last
Sunday morning I was greeting people in the foyer of the
church as they were hurrying to their cars so they could
get in line in their cars trying to get home. (Oliver Miller)
When beside him Oliver Miller is a BIG young man. When
up in Barnhill Arena he is just a little guy.
So, if you see your problems the way God sees them
looking down from heaven, they are not so big. However,
if you see them from where you are they may seem
impossible to overcome.
Each problem you have in your life today does have
some kind of solution. The key to it is the way you
attack your problem. This morning permit me to speak
to you about "How To Attack Your Problem." There
are three ways you can attack any of your problems.
Look at these ways with me today:
"After these things" - between 5:47 and 6:1 there could
have been a six to twelve month gap in time. In this
time John the Baptist had been beheaded. Jesus needed
to get away from the pressures and the demands people
were placing on Him. Large numbers of people gathered
to see the miracles ...

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