What To Do When The Storms Blow In Your Life by Ronnie Floyd

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John 6:15-21
December 1, 1991
You have heard me say numerous times the following
statement. Will you remember it today? In your life, you
are either going into a storm, in a storm, or coming out of
one. Life is one big constant storm.
When fear or crisis come, these storms in life, they make us
aware of our need for and dependence upon God.
On February 4, 1990, about 11:15 a.m. in a Shoney's
Restaurant in Clemson, South Carolina, a tall and muscular
man with a gun burst inside and yelled to the crowd. He
pushed the manager and eight employees into a back office.
As he screamed at them, the manager began to pray silently,
"Please, God, help me. Let me stay in control." Over
a period of several hours God helped Patti Timmons to
stay calm. She even convinced the man to let her employees
She knew God was by her side and she kept remembering
the Bible verse out of Isaiah, "When you pass through
the river, they shall not overwhelm you." God answered
her prayer and she knew God was with her regardless of
what happened. After many hours the ordeal was over
and the gunman gave himself up. As the crisis ended, being
held in her husband's arms, being surrounded by reporters
for a statement from this hero, she became aware of the
following: "I had not been the one in charge. I had called
out to God constantly and He had seen me through."
Most of us may not face a crisis exactly like the one
described by Patti Timmons, but we will face various storms
in our lives. Storms in life are a lot like puppy love . .
. it is real to the puppy. The title of the message this
morning is, "What To Do When The Storms Blow In Your
Jesus had just fed between 5,000 to 10,000 people with
only five loaves and two fishes. His popularity had never
been higher, in fact, they wanted to make Him king. But
Jesus needed to be alone and his disc ...

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