I Am the Bread of Life by Ronnie Floyd

I Am the Bread of Life
Ronnie Floyd
John 6:41-51


People will do anything to be satisfied in life. In fact, people are searching for life and meaning in life. The drunkard is looking for life. The drug addict is looking for life. The adulterer is looking for life. The humanist is looking for life. The corporate climber is looking for life. Even the American redneck, whatever that is, is looking for life.

In each person, God has created a void. That void is the desire for meaning and fulfillment in life. Even though all persons are looking for life, many are searching in all the wrong places.

Jesus is the life people are looking for in life.

I believe firmly that all persons are in the process of searching for Jesus. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 standing for an atheist and 10 standing for conversion to Christianity, I really believe everyone is searching for Jesus. Each person here today is in the process of coming to Jesus. They think they are searching for meaning in life, but they are really searching for Jesus.


Jesus said, ''I am the bread of life.'' There are seven ''I am'' phrases in the gospel of John. The message today is entitled, ''I AM THE BREAD OF LIFE.''


''Grumbling'' - Greek word, ''gonguzo'', which means to mutter, to mumble, to say something in a low tone.

Why were they murmuring against Jesus?

''I AM'' - is the name for God. It comes from Exodus 3:13-14 when Moses requested whose name he would go in. The phrase ''I AM'' means ''I AM who I AM'', ''I will be who I will be'', or ''I cause to be what is.''

''The bread that came down out of heaven'' - Jesus is declaring that He is the one who satisfies the soul.

From a spiritual standpoint, Christ is the one who completely satisfies human need.

When He declares He is from above, the Jews saw this as blasphemy and Jesus as pretentious.''

Illustration: Even at 15 years of age I knew I was lookin ...

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