The Most Controversial Person Who Has Ever Lived by Ronnie Floyd

John 7:1-13
January 19, 1992
Who is the most controversial person who has ever lived?
is it someone living in our day? A controversial person is one
who has a great difference of opinion believed by the public.
It is amazing to me how we have been deceived to place
greatness on the same scale as popularity. In other words,
if a person is popular in the world he or she is a great person.
It is equally amazing to me that at times we place controversial
persons on the same scale as lepers. Do not touch them under
any conditions!
It may surprise many of you, but Jesus Christ is the most
controversial person who has ever lived on this earth. He
did not come looking or seeking controversy, but it seemed
to follow Him where ever He went in His life. No one in the
history of humanity has had such extreme opinions shared
about Him.
Jesus has had persons throughout the years to be slain on His
behalf. These martyrs of the faith were unwilling to deny
Him and it cost them their lives. At the opposite end Jesus
has had people hate Him so much they killed Him. These same
persons and their followers have tried for 2,000 years to destroy
everything about Jesus that exists.
Six to seven months of silence occurred from John's perspective
between John 6 and John 7. It appeared that during this time
Jesus soaked His life into the twelve disciples on a personal
and private level. Many scholars believe that He spent this
time teaching His disciples, telling them of His coming death,
and during this period of time is when the Transfiguration
experience occurred in His life. John MacArthur makes an
interesting point at this juncture when he says that Jesus spent
only two days with the thousands of people (15,000-20,000),
but He spent up to seven months with just twelve men. Of
course, God used eleven of these twelve men to later change
the world!
It was in our ...

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