How Can Jesus Impact Your Life by Ronnie Floyd

John 7:14-24
January 26, 1992
Nothing is more difficult than speaking to an knowledgeable
people about the things of God. If the speaker only wants
to further their knowledge, rather than impact their life, then
that is rather simple. Anyone can communicate knowledge.
In the seventh chapter of John Jesus was speaking to an elite
spiritual group of people. He encountered religious leaders,
religious people, at one of their three major religious feasts,
The Feast of Booths. They were doing the most religious thing
they knew to do -- living in a booth made of tree branches
commemorating the wilderness wanderings of their forefathers.
How much more religious could you be?
The people Jesus encountered are much like the people I have
the joy of speaking to each Sunday. Many of you would consider
yourself an elite spiritual group. Many of you think you know
all there is to know and you could never learn anything more
about the things of God. From the children, to young people,
to college students, adults young and old alike, the vast
majority of you are very religious and today you are doing
the most religious thing you know to do -- come to church!
The audience today is very similar to Jesus' audience in John
How many of you today have ever been in a car accident?
How many of you have ever seen a car accident? There
are many things that determine the impact of the accident.
The speed of both vehicles will determine the impact.
The size or different sizes of vehicles will determine the
impact. Let me tell you another one you may have never
considered: the position of each car. The degree of impact
will be determined not only by speed and size, but by the
position especially of the car that is the receiver of the
Have you ever wondered what separates a growing Christian
from a non-growing Christian? Have you ever asked
yourself what is the difference between a ...

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