Jesus As The Lord by Ronnie Floyd

"Jesus As The Lord"
John 1:19-28
May 19, 1991
National Radio Religious Broadcaster and Pastor, Dr. John
MacArthur wrote a book recently entitled, "The Gospel
According To Jesus." The thesis of this book was a look at
the Lordship of Jesus. He believes Jesus is not your Savior
until He is your Lord. This book has caused much controversy
in the theological world and Dr. John MacArthur has been
the brunt of ridicule and criticism because of it.
National and International Evangelist Dr. Bailey Smith has
preached for years a sermon entitled, "Wheat and Tares." In
this sermon he calls the religious lost to Jesus. He says you
can look like you are God's in many ways and be lost. The
whole thrust is the same as MacArthur's - Jesus cannot be
your Savior until He is your Lord. Bailey Smith has been the
brunt of criticism because of this sermon that promotes
Lordship Salvation.
John the Baptist almost 2000 years ago began to promote this
theological truth. He said what the Prophet Isaiah had said
hundreds of years earlier, "Make straight the way of the Lord."
The same rebellion to Lordship salvation today existed in the
days of John the Baptist. In fact, the religious world of that
day hated John with a passion, and saw him as a heretic to
their teachings.
Therefore, look with me to God's Word today as we see God's
Word reveal Jesus As The Lord.
In John 1:19-28 you see the first day of the public
ministry of Jesus recorded. According to John's account
Jesus was present in this scene in Bethany. (v. 28)
A committee: The Jews sent a committee from the
Sanhedrin to interrogate or ask questions of John the
Baptist. These priests and Levites, Jewish authorities,
came from Jerusalem to find out whom John the Baptist
was. What was their concern? He was baptizing Jews.
Look with me to the dialogue:
"Christ" - Greek word for Hebrew wor ...

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