Jesus As The Lamb Of God by Ronnie Floyd

"Jesus As The Lamb Of God"
John 1:29-34
May 26, 1991
One of the greatest challenges to any student of the Bible
is to interpret the Bible correctly. The Old Testament has
been given to us to prophecy of the first coming of the Lord.
Just a small portion of it prophecies of His second return
to the earth. The New Testament unfolds the coming of Jesus
to earth, His building of the church through the Holy Spirit,
and also relates to His future second return to this earth.
The New Testament, when taught correctly, must teach the
Old Testament. For example, if the New Testament book
of Galatians is taught correctly the Old Testament Law must
also be taught. If Hebrews is to be understood the Old
Testament sacrificial system must be explained.
An example today is when John the Baptist revealed Jesus
as "The Lamb of God," what did he mean? In order for us
to know what this means we much look at the Old Testament.
Explore with me today John 1:29-34.
On the first day of the public ministry of Jesus He was
declared as Lord.
On the 2nd day of His ministry John the Baptist referred
to Him as the Lamb of God Who takes away sin.
"The next day" - 2nd day
"He saw Jesus coming to him" - On the 1st day He
was there, but not revealed.
"Behold" - to seek - Look!
"The Lamb of God"'- what is the meaning of tihe Lamb
of God?
There are four Old Testament illustrations that teach
you what the term, "Lamb of God," means:
r.- Abet and ai~~(~n&i- 4:~1 4- 15)-
Abel - shepherd; Cain - farmer
Problem was the offering: Abel - firstling (blood);
Cain - fruit.
2. Abraham and Isaac. (Genesis 22)
Isaac said, "Behold, the fire and the wood, but where
is the lamb for the burnt offering?" (22:7)
Abraham said, "God will provide for Himself the
Lamb." (Genesis 22:8)
3. Passover. (Exodus 12)
Each family had to offer a Passover Lamb for a
sacrifice. They were ...

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