An Introduction To Jesus - Jesus As The Son Of Man by Ronnie Floyd

John Chapter One
"Jesus As The Son Of Man"
John 1:50-51
June 23, 1991
Who does Jesus say He is?
In John 1 He is seen as The Word (vs. 1-3); as The Light
(vs. 4-13); as The Son of God (vs. 14-18); as The Lord (vs.
19-28); as The Lamb of God (vs. 29-34); as the Messiah (vs.
35-42); as The King (vs. 43-49); and today we witness Him
as "Jesus, the Son of Man" (vs. 50-51). All of chapter one
tells us God is here.
Does Jesus have the power to change your life?
As the Word you learn He is a personal God. As the Light
He can bring you out of the darkness of sin. As the Son
of God He loved you enough to die for you. As the Lord
He has the power to re-arrange your priorities in life.
As the Lamb of God He is able to take away all your sins.
As the Messiah He gives us a burden for our families to
know Him. As the King we honor Him through introducing
our friends to Him. As the Son of Man He understands
us and links us to the Father above. Yes, without a doubt
Jesus has the power to change your life today.
This morning we look at "Jesus As The Son of Man." The Son
of Man is Jesus' favorite reference to Himself. Over 80 times
in the gospels we see Jesus as the Son of Man. Over 13 times
in John's gospel does He carry this title. Spurgeon said, "Jesus
loved being a man." Being the Son of Man identifies Jesus
with us. He identifies with the humanity He came to die for.
As the Son of Man He bridges the gap between earth and
In all of the gospels you see the Son of Man referring to the
earthly ministry of Jesus, His approaching death on the cross,
and His glorious second coming to this earth.
Jesus had found Philip. Philip had gone and brought his
skeptical friend, Nathaniel, to Jesus. Through the witness
of Scripture, the witness of personal experience and the
witness of Jesus, Nathaniel believed in Christ. Jesus told
Nathaniel that He had seen Him under the fig tree before
Philip ev ...

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