The Down Side Of Religion by Ronnie Floyd

John 2:13-17
July 12, 1991
In the New Testament there are four books known as the
gospels. Each of these four books are entitled, "The Gospel
of Jesus Christ according to . . . Matthew, Mark, Luke and
John." Even in the first century world there was another gospel
desired. It is the gospel pictured in the story we read about
a moment ago. It is the gospel presented and accepted by
the vast majority of churches across our nation today. It is
not the gospel of Jesus Christ, but a 5th gospel, known as the
"Gospel of Accommodation."
Religion is an attempt to place God on our level and on our
terms. The gospel of accommodation attempts to accommodate
aur life&tyles even- when they are much less than what God
expects. Issue after issue is compromised today because of
attempting to accommodate our carnality and the ungodliness
of the world.
I want to call this today, "The Down Side of Religion." Jesus
is picturing in this story today, "The Down Side of Religion."
This down side of religion occurs when Jesus Christ, His church,
or His principles are demeaned in any way.
Notice with me today two major observations about the Down
Side of Religion.
The word degenerate means to deteriorate. It means
there is a constant state of things getting worse and
not better. This is the very nature of religion. It
In the first 12 verses of this chapter Jesus addressed
religion. He rebuked Judaism for going through the
actions, but yet inwardly being empty. Again, this
is the nature of religion. It degenerates.
Notice with me two ways in this text that religion
(1) Religion degenerates into simply going through the
motions. (vs. 13-15)
Jews were observing the Passover (v. 13). The Law
required every male Jew 12 years and over to come
to Jerusalem, the great holy city, to observe the
Passover. The Pas ...

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