What God Thinks Of You by Ronnie Floyd

i ~~~~ John 3:16-21
August 25, 1991
Do you realize today that one of the mOst important things
in life is to understand fully what God thinks of you? Now,
listen to that question again . . . Do you realize today that
one of the most important things in life is to understand fully
what God thinks of you?
One of the reasons why people sense little worth today is that
they do not understand what God thinks of them. Many people
in our world today determine their worth based on one of two
1. Their performance.
2. What others think of them.
If you base your worth on your performance or what you
perceive others to think of you, your life will be an emotional
wreck. Your worth today is based on one thing alone - WHAT
GOD THINKS OF YOU! It is more important what God thinks
of you, than anyone else.
Since this is true let's look today at John 3:16-21 under
the theme, "What God Thinks Of You." In order to know
what God thinks of you I want you to look with me to the
I. WHAT GOD LOVES. (vs. 16-18)
In studying these verses with you let me share with
you five facts about God that are found in vs. 16-18.
1. God's Nature. (v. 16)
"Greek" - "Agape" - a continual giving to you without
expecting anything in return.
Real love is unconditional, willing, and sacrificial.
I John 4:8 says, "God is love."
2. God's Burden. (v. 16)
"Greek" - "kosmos" - the world - the inhabited world
- the whole of His creation!
God's burden is to have his love flow through all
the world.
Our burden shall be God's burden - The World!
3. God's Gift. (v. 16)
"Greek" - "didomai" - means to give. The nature
of God is to give.
",Greek" - "monogene1, - only begotten, only born
one, the unique one, His one and only Son.
God's gift to the world is Jesus Christ and eternal
life. ("Whoever believes in Him")
God's gift of Jesus on the cross was to pay for your

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