Mission Northwest Arkansas by Ronnie Floyd

John 4:1-26
September 15, 1991
There are two questions I have to ask you this morning before
we even get into the text.
1. What is your mission in life?
The word "mission" means what you sense to be your
specific task in your life.
2. What is your passion in life?
Your passion is what drives you or motivates you in
If Jesus Christ is your Savior and Lord, then your mission in
life is the same as His - to meet the needs of people - ministry.
Your mission in life is undebatable once you meet Jesus - you
are here to minister to the needs of other people.
Your mission in life is undebatable, but what about your passion
in life? What drives you or motivates you in life? To make
money, to get on top, to obtain things, or to fulfill your God-
given mission in life.
The driving force of each of you should be the same as Jesus.
Our mission in Northwest Arkansas: We are here to meet
the people's needs and be "driven to ministry."
The life of Jesus as recorded in John's gospel gives to us several
items worthy of consideration. Some of the same struggles
that Jesus faced, we face today. In this story look with me
to the following:
There are four obstacles before Jesus in this story. These
four obstacles stand in the way of Him doing His ministry.
These four obstacles stand in our way of fulfilling our
missions here in Northwest Arkansas. These obstacles
1. Opposition. (vs. 1-3)
Pharisees were getting envious of the popularity of
Jesus. It was not time to confront them so He avoided
them and left.
2- Reixi Prejudice. (vis 4-6)
Jesus was driven past the religious prejudice of
His day and was driven to go through Samaria.
Samaria was the shortest route between Judea and
Galilee, however, it placed Him into Samaria around
A Samaritan was part Jew and part Gentile or what
we would call racially mixed. They were not full ...

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