The Work Of Jesus In The World by Ronnie Floyd

John 4:27-42
October 6, 1991
It is difficult for us to understand that when Jesus began His
ministry on this earth no one knew who He was. In this passage
He had been in conversation with the woman at the well.
When their conversation began she did not have a clue who
Jesus was.
Until one is in a setting where people do not know who
Jesus is it is difficult to understand it. For eleven days
my wife and I were in a land, the Soviet Union, a land that
did not know Jesus. One-sixth of the earth's land is the
Soviet Union. It is five times as large as America. A land
that spans eleven time zones.
Politically, not one person we talked with believed their
new freedom would last. Most were unaware of the
privileges of their freedom. I never heard the names of
Gorbachev and Yeltsin for eleven days.
The attitudes of the people can best be summed up with
words like oppression, hopeless, poor, and sad. I saw very
few happy people. In fact, the only smiles I ever saw were
from some of the believers.
The purpose of our trip was to meet with the leaders of
the Union of Evangelical Christians/Baptists. We traveled
by airplane and train all across Russia and the Ukraine.
We even stayed overnight in the home of a poor family.
I met people who had been baptized at midnight to escape
the legal ramifications of worshipping God. I met people
who had spent years in prison for their faith in God. I met
a man who had been paid twice as less as the other men
on the job, all because he was a Christian. This Union
of Evangelical Christians/Baptists has only 3,000 churches,
not counting other churches that were underground. Since
their freedom of one year they have began 349 churches
and 1,000 Sunday Schools. In worship, they have three
sermons. I preached in two different churches. The last
one the place was packed, people standing in numbers inside
and outside of the church listening to the ...

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