When God Creates Desperation In Your Life by Ronnie Floyd

John 4:43-54
October 20, 1991
In our proud and self-sufficient society very few people seek
God on their own. According to Scripture, it has always been
like that. Moses had his own plans. Jonah had his own desires.
Paul had his own goals in life. But then God created
desperation in their lives.
One of my mentors, Dr. Harold E. O'Chester, had many dreams
for his first family. But while on his way to a preaching
engagement many years ago he lost his wife, the baby in her
womb, and two other children in a car accident. One of the
great heroic preachers of our day, Dr. Adrian Rogers, had
dreams for each of his children. But he buried one of his babies
years ago after death. One of the greatest soul-winners I
know, Dr. Darrell Robinson, buried his first wife to cancer.
My friend, Ike Reighard, expecting his first child, ended up
burying his first baby and wife after she died in cardiac arrest
in the delivery room. You see, God always creates desperation
in people's lives.
I believe God is in control of everything. I believe God is
committed to getting all of His children lined up in total
commitment to Him. He accomplishes this many times by
creating desperation in your life. That desperation may be
created by loss of job, loss of health, loss of a friend, loss
of money or business or land, marriage, loss of a spouse, a
family member, or even a child.
In our story today from John 4:43-54, God created desperation
in the life of a man known as "The Nobleman" or "The Royal
Official." In the days of Jesus, this royal official literally
comes from the word that means "a king's man." So, this royal
official was a representative of the king, some think Herod
Antipas. Due to this he was a man of great influence, a
prestigious man, and probably a wealthy man. But inspite
of all these great characteristics God made him a desperate
man. He was a man in crisis. Why?
The Bible says he had ...

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