The Killjoy Of Your Life by Ronnie Floyd

John 5:1-18
October 27, 1991
Have you ever had someone who spoiled the joy in your life?
Has something ever happened that robbed you of the pleasure
in your life? We call that person or thing a killjoy. A killjoy
is a person or a thing that spoils the joy or pleasure of others.
This morning I want to talk with you about "The Killjoy of
Your Life."
This morning you are going to have to listen very closely or
else you will miss what God is saying to you in this text. John
5:1-18 is talking much more than just about a man being healed.
I want to go straight to the heart of the matter today.
What is the killjoy of your life? Legalism. What is legalism?
Legalism is a strict adherence to the Law, in fact, an adherence
to the letter of the Law rather than the spirit of the Law.
Legalism attempts to convince you that you please God through
works. Legalism is a set of standards other people set up for
you to live by and they are unable to live by those same
standards themselves. Legalism is expressed at times by
traditionalism or institutionalism.
Let me go one step further with you. The center of all God
does is grace. The center of all legalism is works. Grace
and works when misunderstood will be in continual conflict
with each other.
A person receives eternal salvation in Jesus Christ only
by grace. (Ephesians 2:8-9) Therefore, the only way I
continue to please God after I am saved is living by grace.
I do not please God by works because they never would
be good enough to receive His approval.
This passage in John 5:1-18 gives us a personal illustration
in Jesus' day of this conflict between a grace mentality
and a works mentality. If you already are not following
me, listen to this passage and all of it will become clear
to you.
There are two main thoughts in these first nine verses
of John 5:
1. The state of hop ...

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