An Introduction To Jesus - Part 3 by Ronnie Floyd

John Chapter One
"Jesus As The Son Of God"
John 1:14-18
May 12, 1991
Last year I taught on Sunday evenings about the various Names
of God. We learned about the powerful name of Jesus. One
of the titles given to Jesus in Scripture is the title "Son of
God." A title tells you in part who a person is and what a
person does.
For example, this is Buster Pray. He is our Minister of
Music. If you have never met him, I just told you who he
is and what he does and where he does his ministry. Titles
are very important because they distinctively identify
the person and his ability or role in life.
One of the great titles for Jesus in Scripture is "Jesus,
the Son of God." Wrapped up in that title is an incredible
statement about Jesus as God.
Look with me in the text today for the three powerful
truths about Jesus Christ.
"The Word" - "logos" - the personal manifestation
of God. (Revealed in verses 1-3 as pre-existent, co-
equal, as God, and as Creator.)
"Became flesh" - a real human being. It stands for
the whole man. Jesus experienced everything we
experience as human beings, except He didnot sin.
* Jesus: 100% God and 100% man.
"Dwelt among us" - Greek "Skanow", meaning to live
in a tent, to settle, to pitch his tent among us. The
eternal God temporarily living on this earth as human
flesh. Jesus Christ in the flesh is the localization of
God's presence on earth. In other words, the word means
that He tabernacled among us.
Tabernacle in the Old Testament was the dwelling place
of God - a place where the glory of God was hidden
in the Holy of Holies. The Tabernacle in the Old
Testament foreshadowed the Son Incarnate. The
Tabernacle was the place people met God .
Listen, Jesus is the revealed presence of God. Through
Him alone, people meet God.
"We beheld" - we watched His glory as if we ...

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