Am Introduction To Jesus - Part 2 by Ronnie Floyd

"Jesus As The Light"
John 1:4-13
April 28, 1991
Observe with me for a moment, the power of darkness.
Darkness hides the reality that exists around us. You have
heard my voice, without seeing me, but the reality has still
existed. The power of light reveals me to you. The power
of light reveals the choir to you. The power of light reveals
each of you to one another.
What is the power of light? What does light do?
1. Light casts out darkness.
2. Light reveals all.
3. Light guides one to truth.
Last week we saw Jesus as the Word - the personal
manifestation of God given to us. He is pre-existent, co-
equal with God, is God, and is Creator of all, even light.
In John's humble attempt to introduce Jesus to us, he turns
our attention to Jesus as the Light. Notice with me today
the four expressions of Jesus as the Light.
"In Him (the Word, Jesus) was life." - Greek 1zoe'1 meaning
life, the right and the power to make alive. At- least 3-6
times in John's gospel is life used with 11 times used in
reference to eternal life. Listen, the source of all life
is Jesus. Apart from Him (1:3) not one thing can come
into being.
"And the life (Jesus, the Word) was the light of men" Greek
"phos" is our word for light. Light is a metaphor for life.
Therefore, when you have life in Jesus Christ you will be
light to all persons. Light enables you to recognize the
operation of God in the world.
"light" - continuously shines because the Light is Jesus.
"the darkness" - symbolizes unbelief and sin
"darkness did not comprehend it" - Greek "Katalambano"
meaning darkness attempts to seize with hostile intent,
but is unable to put the Light out.
Ever since the beginning of sin (Garden of Eden) the
world has been filled with spiritual blindness and
darkness. Jesus came to dispel darkness!
(1:9) "True Light" - genuine, rea ...

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