How To Have A Good Marriage by Ronnie Floyd

1 Peter 3:1-7
March 1, 1992
I want each child, young person, and college student to listen
to me . . . I want to ask you a question. On the scale of one
to ten, with one being terrible and ten being a great marriage,
where would- you- rate the marriage of yo-ur mlther and father?
By - yolview, where would their marriage be on the scale?
I want each married couple to go home tonight and ask your
children where they would rate your marriage. Let me ask
each married couple to do the same right now. On a scale
of one to ten, with one being terrible and ten being a great
marriage, where would you rate your marriage? Where would
your mate rate your marriage right now?
It is difficult for most married people to understand the
following. It is difficult for us to understand that marriage
is a relationship, therefore, it is work! It is hard work!
It is filled with disappointment and struggle, as well as
joy and happiness.
Why do you believe there are so many divorces today?
Why do many couples get involved with extramarital affairs
or adultery today? I believe this happens because both
husbands and wives are in an identity crisis over what their
role is in the relationship. Permit me tonight to share
with you from the Word of God on "How To Have A Good
I. HOW TO BE A GOOD WIFE. (vs. 1-6)
Let's not forget that we are in this section on submission
in the book of 1 Peter. Christ has been placed as our
pacesetter in all areas of submission and is our example
in everything. In this section, why did Peter spend
six verses on the wife and only one verse on the husband?
It is obvious, due to what he said, there were some
women who were involved in the church whose husbands
did not know the Lord. He instructs them on how they
will win their husbands over to Christ and to be the
spiritual leaders in the home.
There are two motivational teachings that Peter wants

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