What To Do When Your Are Walking Through by Ronnie Floyd

1 Peter 4:12-19
April 21, 1992
Do you know what it means to go through the fire of life?
In this passage, fire is an expression of the refining process.
The refiner is Jesus Christ who desires you to look like Him.
In order to accomplish this goal, He places you in the fiery
furnace of life periodically to burn off the impurities of your
life. Even as the refiner places gold in the fire to remove
the impurities of gold, God does the same to you.
In verse 12 He told these Christians to not be surprised when
persecution, the fiery ordeal, comes upon you. This burning
or refining process, whatever God may choose to use, is for
your testing. This testing is an experiment, a trial, or a
temptation on you and for you. God tells them to not count
this refining process as a stranger or as a foreigner, but count
it as a friend, a process you need to go through in life.
Each of you will walk through the fire in your life. The trial
may be an illness, a disease, a loss of a spouse, rejection by
someone you love, job troubles, financial struggles, failure,
disappointment or many other kinds of trials. Regardless of
what it is God wants to use it to refine you into being more
like Him. The problem is your friend. Embrace it. See it
the way God sees it in your life.
The passage is about, "What To Do When You Are Walking
Through The Fire." There are five responses that are given
in the passage for you to have when walking through the
fire. They are:
"To the degree" - according as
T7hat you share" - Koinoneo, to have a share of, or
part of, to fellowship with.
"The sufferings of Christ" - that which befalls you
for Christ.
"Keep on rejoicing" - present tense - keep on being
glad at the same rate as your suffering.
"Revelation of His glory" - uncovering at His coming.
"You may rejoice with exultation" - rejoice greatly.
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