Preparing Your Mind To Be Holy by Ronnie Floyd

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"Preparing Your Mind To Be Holy"
I Peter 1:13-16
June 30, 1991
I join you this eveniig on the road- to holiness B J no- means
tonight do I place myself up to you and say, "be like me" and
you will be holy. In these words tonight we learn our challenge
is to be like the only true holy one - Jesus Christ.
Speaking from the context of the text:
Remember, that Peter is writing to a group of believers
who are under major peer pressure to forsake Jesus Christ
or you may lose your life in persecution. To begin in this
encouraging letter he has attempted to get their minds
on the power of their salvation in Jesus Christ from 1:1-
2:12. In the first chapter and the thirteenth verse we read
the word, "therefore." What is the word "therefore", there
for? Speaking from the context, he is saying, "Because
of the things I have done for you in vs. 1-12, now you take
these steps of action in verses 13-16.
Let me illustrate for you straight from the text:
God is saying, "Because I have: chosen you (v. 1); set you
apart by My Spirit (v. 2); sprinkled you with my blood (v.
2); given you a new birth to a living hope (v. 3); given you
an inheritance and prepared it in heaven for you (v. 4);
having protected this inheritance for you (v. 5); provided
you joy even in trials (v. 6); given you opportunity to prove
your faith (v. 7); provided salvation for you (vs. 8-9);
encouraged you to study what God is doing in you (v. 10);
have the privilege of experiencing the Holy Spirit all the
time (v. 11); giving you the power to share me with other
(v. 12); and because even the angels long to know me like
you know me (v. 12), therefore . .-
The Lord tells us to take the following steps of action.
He gives you five actions to take so you can be holy.
Tonight we will only deal with the first action.
I Peter 1:13
"Gird your minds for action" - translated in the NIV as, "prepare
your ...

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