Controlling Your Spirit by Ronnie Floyd

Part 2
1 Peter 1:13-16
"Controlling Your Spirit"
July 28, 1991
In this small section of verses we are emphasizing the theme
of "How To Be Holy." This section of Scripture gives to us
five steps of action on how to be holy. The first step of action
we have already been instructed about was to "Prepare Your
Mind to be Holy."
The second step of action we are told to take is to "Control
Your Spirit." The verse reads in verse 13 to "keep sober
in spirit." This great challenge in the Bible is to keep sober
in spirit. Let's look this evening to what this phrase means
and how it can help us to be more holy.
There is some direct association with this phrase and the
first which instructs us to prepare our minds for action.
The word, "sober", means to be steady, self-controlled.
The Greek word, "nepho" denotes abstinence from wine
or strong drink. In other words your mind is to not become
intoxicated or drunk with carnality and worldiness. You
are to be free from any mental or spiritual drunkenness
or excess.
To be sober calls you to be calm. It also instructs you
to weigh matters other than just reacting to a set of
circumstances or by your impulse.
To be sober also calls us to have a clear mind. If we are
what we think, then we must be clear-minded from
distractions on our goal to be holy.
Proverbs 16:32 God says if you can control your spirit
you are more mighty than one ...

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