The High Cost Of Salvation by Ronnie Floyd

I Peter 1:17-21
November 3, 1991
Since it has been a while since we have been able to preach
from 1 Peter, let me remind you of some important things.
The first section of this book is from 1 Peter 1:1-2:'id operates
under the theme of "The Power of Salvation." Through the
first sixteen verses we have dealt with "The Trinity in Your
Salvation" (vs. 1-2); "Security of Your Salvation" (vs. 3-5);
"How To Turn Your Trials Into Joy" (vs. 6-9); "How To
Appreciate Your Salvation" (vs. 10-12); and "How To Be Holy"
(vs. 13-16).
This evening I want to look at verses 17-21 under the theme
of "The High Cost of Salvation." Tonight we will help you
remember the high cost Christ paid for your salvation.
The Lord's Supper (Remember what Jesus did)
The Verse of Transition: (v. 17)
"Address" - call upon, invoke, appeal to
"As Father" - Holy One (How hallowed this is)
"The One who impartially judges" - Jesus judges without
"According to each man's work" - what he does with
his life. (deeds)
"Conduct yourselves" - live as sojourners - "paroikia"
stranger with primary allegiance to Jesus, not this world.
"In fear" - "awe" (Acts 2:43 says, "And everyone
kept feeling a sense of awe; and many wonders and signs
were taking place through the apostles.")
"During your time of stay upon this earth" - temporary
With this encouragement on how to live while on this earth
our atttention is turned to reminding us of the high cost
of our salvation.
(v. 18)
"Redeemed" - history records that in the 1st century
world there may have been 60 million slaves in the
Roman Empire. If a slave had collected sufficient funds
he could buy his own freedom.
The slave's master could sell him to one who would
pay the right price and set him free.
* So, the concept of the word "redeemed" is to set
free by paying a price, to pay a ransom, o ...

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