Salvation That Results In Love by Ronnie Floyd

1 Peter 1:22-25
November 10, 1991
I am a product of the Jesus Movement that swept this country
in the late sixties and early seventies. I remember after coming
to know Jesus we would always sing many praise choruses.
One of those choruses I will never forget is, "They Will Know
We Are Christians By Our Love."
There are many things that turn off an unchurched world
to spiritual things. However, the biggest turn-off is when
professing Christians fight one another, rather than love
one another. I believe one of the major turn-offs to
Christian young people is seeing Christian adults appear
at church to love one another but privately they hear them
destroy one another.
The passage is about salvation that results in love. In fact,
the key phrase is "love one another." Look with me
to the tent about Salvation That Results In Love.
I. A LOOK AT THE WORD OF GOD. (vs. 22-25)
(verse 22)
"Since you have in obedience to the truth" - done what
God says in regard to coming to Him (Truth).
"Purified your souls" - to cleanse. In perfect Greek tense
it means it is a completecstate of action or condition.
(Referring to salvation)
"Sincere" - without hypocrisy.
"Love" - "Philadelphia" - brotherly love. As brothers and
sisters in Jesus we share the same kind of love.
"Of the brethren" - saved
"Fervently" - Greek work "ektens" - earnestly, zealously.
Love not in lightness, but with strain. It is an athletic
term which means "to strive with all my energy." Just
as an Olympic athlete works on a sport, we are to work
hard at loving one anothe ...

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