How To Grow In Your Salvation by Ronnie Floyd

I Peter 2:1-3
November 17, 1991
Once a person comes to Jesus it is exciting to see that person
grow in their faith. As they read the Word and experience
the fellowship of God's people they respond by saying, "This
is incredible. I had no idea what I was missing."
It reminds me of many people I have walked into this
beautiful Worship Center for the first time. They say,
"This is unbelievable. I had no idea. This is awesome."
In I Peter 1:1-21 we learned a great deal about coming
into this new birth or being saved. In our passage tonight
we begin to see the importance of growing or being nurtured
as a Christian.
Just as a little baby is born from the womb of the mother,
almost immediately they have the need to receive nurture
from the breasts of their mother. This is the same way
for us when we are saved. Almost immediately after
conversion we are desiring more of God.
This evening I want to challenge you from God's Word on "How
To Grow In Your Salvation." Notice, I did not say grow to
salvation, but to grow in your salvation. Now that you have
been converted you are like a newborn baby - you must grow.
So, "How Do You Grow In Your Salvation?" There must be
two continual steps in order to grow in your salvation. You
will take these steps continually, even after being a Christian
for 50 years, if you are going to grow in your salvation.
Word "repent" means "a changing of the mind." It
means turning from sin and a turning to God.
It must be continual. Salvation is not the end of
repentance, but just the beginning of continual
Peter is saying to us, "Now that you have been born
again, continually repent from sin."
Mr. Clean and visit to the Soviet Union.
"Therefore" - see what it is there for.
"Putting aside" - "to get rid of," "to cast off," "to
strongly rej ...

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