Operation Submission by Ronnie Floyd

I Peter 2:13-17
January 12, 1992
When we began our study of 1 Peter I shared with you that
the book is divided up in three major sections:
1. The Power of Salvation (L1-2:12)
2. The Power of Submission (2:13-3:12)
3. The Power of Suffering (3:13-5:14)
We have now concluded section one on the power of salvation.
The book now takes us into a deeper level of walking with
God as the Holy Spirit seeks to show us the power of submission
in our lives. This submission is to be to government, to our
employer, in the home, and in the church.
Many see submission as antiquated or out of date. Many see
submission as negative, but God sees it as positive as it protects
you from harm. Submission in all areas of life brings glory
to God and is the will of God.
T. S.:
The section on submission begins with us speaking tonight
on. "OPERATION SUBMISSION." This is a hot issue for
us in our day when you think about the decline of morality
in America.
So we will be faithful to the text, and in order for us to
interpret it accurately without making any excuses
concerning our present condition, let me remind you of
some things I have shared with you earlier about the cultural
backdrop in 1 Peter.
Nero was the head of the empire from 54-68 A.D. 1 Peter
was penned anywhere from 63-67 A.D. Because Nero loved
to build he would have buildings burned down, just so he
could build them back. He would accuse the Christians
fo~these actions. Therefore, the Christian community
$4 arrested, convicted, mocked, and many times killed.
Some would be burned, others would be crucified, and others
eaten by wild dogs.
In this climate, you read these words from God through
his writer, Peter . . . "Submit yourselves for the Lord's
sake to every human institution. . ."
YOU. (v. 13)
"Submit" - Greek word, "hupotasso" which means to
place or rank under o ...

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