How To Honor God In Your Job by Ronnie Floyd

1 Peter 2:18-20
February 9, 1992
I was recently in a doctor's office trying to
await patiently my appointment. Or at least as
patient as a choleric temperament can wait. I
began to thumb through some real exciting
magazines to me like, "Better Homes and
Gardens," "McCall's Magazine," "The Ladies Home
Journal," and "The Working Woman." As I was
thumbing through these periodicals, I was
intrigued with the magazine about "The Working
One article from "The Working Woman" really
caught my attention, and I read it. The article
was entitled, "The Boss From Hell and How to
Tame Him." (Read from article.) Without a
doubt, one of the biggest points of stress today
in the lives of many people is their
relationship to their boss.
Equally so does the stress exist in the life of
the boss toward his or her employee. As a boss,
nothing irritates me more than laziness; lack of
focus on their present job with their minds on a
future one; ungratefulness from employees; the
ignoring of deadlines; lack of respect for
authorit-y,; ossip, o the mindset of simply
backing up to the pay window on payday and not
taking any responsibility; or this one really
blesses me when I hear of an employee saying to
someone, "I have to tell you no, not because I
want to, but the Pastor does not think we should
do it." I really like that kind of gutless
So you see, it does not matter whether you are a
boss or an employee, your job can be one of the
major points of stress in your life. It is
amazing to me how many people dislike what they
do and are not in love with their job.
T.S.: This evening I want to preach to you on
the subject of, "How to Honor God in Your Job."
In this passage of Scripture, we are seeing God
call people to submission to their authorities
in life. What does God want from you or expect
from you on your job?
Exp: This passage is talking abo ...

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