Principles For A Positive Life by Ronnie Floyd

FBC, SPRINGE11E (12-28-86AN)
1 John 2:12-17
Introduction: Domitian--Apostle Paul, Adolf Hitler-Dietrich
Bcnhoeffer, Madelyn Murray O'Hare--Jerry Falwell, Gadalfi-
Billy Grahaml
What do there persons have in camnn? They each were or or
great men in their own ways and had or have a following of
What are their differences? Some would say their political
make-up, a democracy versus a form of dictatorship gov't.
However that is not their main difference--The main differnce
is in their set of principles that they have chosen to build
thier lives upon.
Ekat kind of principles are you building your life upon?
This Tmrning I want to preach on, "Powerful Principles for a
Positive Life". Is your life positive? Is your attitude
positive? Was 1986 a positive year for you? Will the coming
year be a positive year for you? It all depends on what I
mean by positive?
For some of you a positive life isnot having anyone die
in your family, end up less debt, or still have a
In Constrast, for some of you a positive life is not
dependant on external circumstances, but on greater
values such as God's love, care, forgiveness, and
concern for your life.
Theyey is what kind of principles you build your life upon?
The above persons that I mentioned were mentioned in constrast
because each of them have built their lives on constrasting
T.S: The Apostle John caonnds the readers of his epistles
for their positive lives. He addresses them as children,
little children, young men, and fathers. Each of these are
signes of endearment and love to them. When
his message he commends them for liveing positive lives that
contain: (12) forgiveness, (13) personally knowing Christ,
(13) spiritual victory, (14) power-fi led lives, and (14)
abiding in Cbrist.
These positive results come because of the power-
ful principles these folks receive instrurction about how to
buil ...

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