Right At The Door by Ronnie Floyd

Matthew 24:32-35
February 19, 1995

INTRODUCTION: Question: If you knew you would die by this time
next week what steps of action would you take this week in
your life? Another question: If you knew that Jesus was going
return and take up His church in the rapture by this time next
week, what steps of action would you take this week in your
Would you do anything differently?

I believe that if we knew either of these events were going to
transpire this week, we would take some radical and extreme
steps of action. We would probably make sure that our
relationship with God was in great shape. We would probably
make sure our relationships with others was strong. We would
probably get things in order in the various affairs of life. I
you that things would be different in each of our lives if we
knew we were going to die or Jesus was going to come before next

Permit me to be very honest with you today. You could die be-
fore next Sunday and Jesus could come again before next Sun-
day, therefore, each of us should live as if either of those
could take place this week.

When I began to pray some weeks ago about what God wanted me to
share today, the kick off day of our 125th anniversary, I knew I
needed to depart from the series we are doing in Ephesians for
this particular Sunday. I felt even before my trip to Israel a
definite leaning to speak concerning this subject today, yet my
trip to Israel persuaded me that I must speak on this subject
today. This is what we need today. Each on ...

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