How To Make Peace With 1994 by Ronnie Floyd

January 1, 1995

INTRODUCTION: Over the past week you have heard through various
vision shows and newscast the various opinions about what were
the top stor-
ies of 1994. Was it the possibility of O. J. Simpson killing
his wife? Was it that the Republican Party gained control of
the Congress and the Senate of the
United States? Was it the Dallas Cowboys winning back to back
Super Bowls
in 1994?
Regardless of what is decided or has been decided about
what was the top
story of 1994, I want to tell you that I know the answer and I
am assured I am
right about it. What was the top story of 1994?
The events of your life. What happened in your life,
whether it be good or
bad, fair or unfair, is the top story of 1994. In fact, by how
you deal with this
past year will determine your effectiveness in the year to come.

T.S.: Therefore, I want to share with you this multiple
passage message
from the Lord today entitled, "How to Make Peace With 1994." If
you are go-
ing to make peace with 1994 there are many steps you must take
to do it. Yet,
I want to encourage you that there are three major steps you
need to take this
morning if you are going to make peace with 1994. You need to
begin by . . .

(Matthew 10:14)
Exp: The word inequities mean those things that happened
to you that you
saw as unfair or just not right. The vast
majority of these kind of
things that happened took place in ...

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