The Power Of Your Words by Ronnie Floyd

The Power of Your Words
Ronnie Floyd
James 3:1-12
September 4, 1994

INTRODUCTION: What is spiritual maturity? Are there some
marks or characteristics of one being spiritually mature? Some
people might say that some of the marks of spiritual maturity
would be having a quiet time with God everyday, witnessing,
loving all people, or some might even say it is reading the most
recent Christian book.

There are many marks or characteristics of being spiritually
mature. However, one of the most notable marks or greatest
marks, biblically speaking, is a tamed tongue. The Bible
indicates that when a person can control their tongue or control
their words, they are experiencing a major element of spiritual

The Bible declares in James 1:26 that if you think you are a
religious person and you are not able to control your tongue or
your words, your religion is worthless, vain, or dead. The
picture here is your putting a bridle into your own mouth, not
into the mouth of another.

Question: Why do you say the words you say? There is a process
of how those words come out of your mouth. Here it is: What is
in your mind goes into your heart and what is in your heart goes
to your tongue and what is on your tongue becomes words. The
words you speak either set a person free or put them into

Ill:If a parent continually tells his child he is stupid and
irresponsible, then that child, as well as most around him, will
grow up believing that he is just that.. stupid and
irresponsible. Those are words that place him into prison.
Conversely, if a parent tells his child that he is a blessing, a
gift from God, and a great person that God has great plans for
in his life, then that child will be set free by that parent all
because of the words spoken to him. We see this in all segments
of life. If someone says to another, "You watch that pastor. .
. . you cannot trust him", then the person who hears that might
begin to question whether or not I am worthy of their trust.
Their words have placed me into prison. conversely, if one says
to another, "Our pastor is a man of God. . you can trust him",
then I have been set free by that person's words.

T.S.: I want to talk to you today about, "The Power of Your
Words." In this scripture today, there are three powers that

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