Your Spiritual Life in Relationship to the End of the World by Ronnie Floyd

Your Spiritual Life in Relationship to the End of the World
Ronnie Floyd
Daniel 9:1-27
July 31, 1994

INTRODUCTION: There is nothing like going to an amusement park with family and friends. It is one thing to ride Dumbo at Disneyworld, but it is something else to ride Space Mountain. I have been coerced, manipulated, and intimidated by others to join my boys on every crazy ride except one. Last year I did not ride a scary ride called "The Rattler" at Fiesta Texas in San Antonio. I have never liked snakes, but I am now ready to ride, "The Rattler."

The reason I am ready is that I have found the secret to surviving scary and crazy rides at amusement parks. You get into the ride, get buckled in, squeeze the bar tightly, close your eyes, and pray to God in between your screams that you will even to go Africa, anywhere..... if He will get you off safely.

The prophet Daniel had to get on one of the scariest rides of all time. He had to get on a ride to the end of time. His problem was it was no amusement park. . . it was for real. . . real life. In order to go on this ride to the end of all human history he had to have his spiritual life in order and be prepared for this ride to the end of time.

Just as you are relieved at an amusement park before getting on a frightening ride to see that others have returned safely, you can know that Daniel has returned safely from his ride to the end of time. You also can survive the end times if you are prepared spiritually.

T. S.: From the ninth chapter of Daniel, I want to speak to you about, "Your Spiritual Life in Relationship to the End of the World". Look with me to Daniel and let's learn together.


Exp: The year was 538 B.C. The Babylonians had just fallen to the Medo-Persian army. Daniel was in his mid-80's serving as a commissioner under the rule of Darius.

Daniel already had experienced two of his own personal visions concerning the end of the world.


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