Are You Still Crying For The Bottle? by Ronnie Floyd

1 Corinthians 3:1-9
February 6, 1994

INTRODUCTION:This is a bottle. It usually contains some kind of
milk or supplement for babies. Babies love to drink from
bottles. Babies will cry until they get their bottle. In fact,
if a baby does not get its bottle when it wants its bottle, they
have a unique power to bring great disturbance in a household.

How many of you here today are parents of preschoolers? God
bless parents of preschoolers. They are the ones who always
look tired, worn out, and at times appear to be zombies.
Parents of preschoolers are special people.

Jeana and I have two boys. Josh is now 13 and Nicholas is 10.
I remember when Josh was a baby he would never sleep when normal
people slept. He would cry night after night. Every parent
remembers those intimate talks you had with that infant when
they would not sleep. Here is the child red in the face, crying
at the top of his lungs and you sincerely ask him in a daze,
"Honey, why don't you go to sleep?" After a couple of years of
little sleep, attending post-graduate school, and pastoring a
church full-time, and I might add living with a wife who had no
sleep, I decided one night I would take over. Well, I showed
him. I shut the door. I shut our door. I told Jeana, "You are
not going in there, just let him cry." I think Jeana cried more
than he did. On that evening I learned a great principle in
life, "When Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy." However, I
won and eventually he went to sleep. In time, he slept every

Josh has continued to grow. He eventually got off the bottle; ...

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