Starting Here Starting Now (8 of 8) by Fred Lowery

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Here we're going to talk about the hills and the valleys and by the way we all
have hills and valleys and it seems that we have more valleys than hilis. It
seems like we remember the valleys anyway. And everybody faces that kind of
situation. Nobody is immune from problems and difficulties. It's a part of being
in the human race. I can imagine that there are days that Robert Schuller
gets in the closet and says inside that closet with the door shut - this is a lousy
day! I just imagine that he does that. I can imagine sometimes Pat Boone
jus*, goe-- ;n the bedroom and shuts the door and closes the blinds and puts on
brown shoes. IT doesn't matter who it is - how positive you try to be - you're
goingto have problems in your 1-ife and you're goingto have some lows. You're
going to have depression. I was listening to Oral Roberts on "Sandy and Tammy"
or whoever is on this PTL deal the other night. And Oral was there - it was
just kind of interesting to me that he was talking about some of the problems
and the financial struggle and Jim happened to mention well you know you
couldn't be with us last time because you had the flu - it just struck me
strange - I just didn't imagine Oral getting the flu,- you know 1. But Oral
Roberts gets the flu and we all have problems and difficulties so tonight
we are talking about how to handle those hills and valleys and remember
the higher the hills, the deeper the valleys. You say well I know I don't like
being in this deep valley but then when you come out of it the hill is higher
and you have those highs, you're going to have those lows and that's a normal
part of the Christian experience.

What I think God's Word teaches us is that we are to bloom where we're planted.
In other words wherever we are it's where God has placed us and He's placed
us there for a purpose. We want to change circu ...

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