Starting Here Starting Now (4 of 8) by Fred Lowery

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You don't know by now you will know soon that I believe the Bible is the in-
falibl-e, inerrant, inspired word of God. It is unique of all books. And in the Bible
God reveals himself and the plan of salvation for a lost world. I'm like Zig Zigiar,
I believe the Bible from Genesis to maps. I believe the whole thing. I was on a
plane one day and readina a religious book. I always either read a religious book
or the Bible when I fly ... when I take off or land, because those two times are very
crutial and I understand that and I've just, you know, it's not that I'm cramming
for finals, but in a way I just want to make sure that in case anything happens that
everything is airight. And I usually confess my sins and read something spiritual
until we get in the air good and then when we start landing I get spiritual again.
In between time I just act like a normal Baptist. Well, I was on this airplane and
the first thing the guy did was lit up a cigarette. Now that bother@ me. You know,
I wish that we didn't have to put up with smoke on airplanes at all. Now we've im-
proved the situation some, but it's still bad. I used to hand people a card that says
I see you smoke tobacco. I chew it. You won't blow smoke on me, I won't spit on
you. And just kind of hand them that thing. But I'm a little more mild now, and
don't do that. But he finally put that out and he looked at me and said, "What
are you reading?" I said, "I'm reading the Bible." He said, "You don't believe it
do you?" I said, "Yes sir, I beli ...

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