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The title tonight is Can You Lose Jesus? Can you lose Jesus. You
know a lot of people when they get saved are concerned about can I lose what I've
got? Can I be saved and then one day be lost again? I believe the Bible teaches
unequivocally that you cannot be lost actain after you are once saved. The Bible
teaches once saved, always saved. The Bible says, "Being confident of this very
thing that He which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day
of Jesus Christ". I love what the black lady said, "if you don't feel as close to God
as you use to feel, guess who moved?". It's not that we lose God, it's that we move
away from God. We can never loose that relationship but we can break that fellow-
ship. So the Bible teaches, once saved, always saved. Eternal security is a bibli-
cal doctrine. Now that does not mean a license to sin. That does not mean the
concept that because we believe in once saved always saved that we can do anything
we want to do anytime we want to do it, live like the devil and still claim to be saved.
Friend, if you want to live like the devil, it's a good indication that you did n-ot want
to get saved in the first place. You see, I believe in the perseverance of the saints.
I believe that those who are saints persevered to the end and those who don't per-
severe to the end weren't saints to start with. Now they just missed it. They joined
the church but they didn't Christ, they didn't have that personal commitment to Christ.
And th ...

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