When All Hell Breaks Loose (7 of 26) by Fred Lowery

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A teenage girl walked into my office and sat down., With her eyes
looking toward the floor, as if counting the threads in the carpet,
she began to "spill her guts". The night before her dad had made her
get drunk and forced her to let his friends have their way with her
body. She showed me her bruised arms and told me of her broken heart.
She said, "I feel unclean, unwanted, unloved, and unhappyl If I only
knew that someone really loved me and that I could look forward to
being a little bit happy - I think I could make it. Do you think I'll
make itO"

A deacon's wife pulled back her mask and told me the painful story of
how she had been sexually abused by her father. She had never told
anyone about this horrendous experience and she had been unable to let
it go. Consequently, she acknowledged that she could not remember one
.1 happy" day in her life. Pastor, she tearfully asked, is there any
hope for someone as messed up as I amO, Am I too sick to get well?
Will I ever be happy@

A church ieader opened the closet of his inner life and showed me the
emotional devastation of giving in to the temptation of pornography
and prostitutes. He had allowed loneliness on the road to crack the
door that Satan squeezed through to get in his life and destroy his
happiness. Painfully and tearfully he walked me through the darbage
and guilt of his personal life. He asked, "Is it possible for me to
be totally forgiven? Can I conquer these destructive tendenc'ies in my
life? With all this mess in my past, can I ever be happy againo"

What happens when the dominoes of yout life begin to fall, wiien the
bottom really falls out - when devastating tornadoes rip through all
the orderly structures of your life - a horrible auto ...

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