Are We Having Fun Yet? by Fred Lowery


In the middte of-our going, doing, buying, pill popping and thrill
chasing the phrase "Are we having fun yet@" keeps ringing in our ears.
If toys and treasures could ma-ke us happy, Americans would be
deliriously happy, but we are not. We are destructively depressed.
It is a shocking fact that one-third of all Americans wake up
depressed every morning. Health organizations validate that
depression is our most widespread disease. Affluent America is known
as the "depressive society". Recent research indicates that only
15-20 percent of Americans consider themselves happy. We do happy
things and we have happy times but we are not happy people. We emote
disappointment. 'Life is not working out as we had hoped. We are
lonely in a crowded world. The American dream has ripped us off in
that it has not delivered the happiness it promised.

The Center for Disease Control in Atlanta lists "lifestyle" as the
major contributing factor in eight out of ten of society's leading
causes of death. Dr. Kenneth Pelletier of the USC-Saii Francisco
Medical School did a five year study of executives from fourteen major
corporations and discovered that only 7 percent of "successful" people
truly led the "good life" that success promises. The study revealed
that 93 percent dave up important aspects of their lives in order to
make it to the top. It seems that people spend two-thirds of their
lives making money and losing their health and happiness and ttien
gpend tiie fina'i th4rd of their l,ive& s -ending their money trying tcj
.det back their health and happiness. it is estimated that people who
are dissatisfied with their lives increase their risk of premature
death by at least 10%.


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